Chimdi Kwekowe

Product Designer, UI/UX Expert, WordPress Chief.

Hi! 👋, I’m a passionate and innately curious Front-end Engineer and developer from Nigeria 🇳🇬 with a particular interest in user experience design and future technologies. I enjoy taking on new challenges, discover emerging technologies, explore innovative solutions.

Over the years, I have co-founded (WebMakaz Enterprise) and worked with CloverFour Aps based in Europe, SSA UK, Tipsnaps LLC USA and have been with other international and local companies.

About Me

About Me

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I design digital products and websites for startups, brands, lots of big-name companies and entrepreneurs with cool projects.

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I am a trending designer who cares about the details

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I will help you build your brand and grow your business. I create clarifying strategy, beautiful logo and identity design.

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User Interface / Product Design

User Centered Design (UCD)

Project Management & Strategy Development

Front End Software Development, Web

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My Works

Creative Portfolio Designs

Kimbia Fitness App (WEB & Mobile)

  • Client Kimbia Fitness
  • country United States of America
  • Published 2021

I built the Kimbia Fitness App with the aim to create a very intuitive interface that encourages fitness builds and primarily rewards the user for indulging in group activites. I served as the Product Designer (Lead).

Adobe XD Adobe Illustrator Wix
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1st Self Access Storage

  • Client CloverFour Aps
  • country United Kingdom
  • Published 2021

Serving in the capacity of the lead Product Designer & Frontend Developer, the new website was built to leverage the entiety of modern estetics for development and maximum throughput. The new build simplifies self storage services from inception to acquisition and usage. It provides individuals and companies an easy and efficient way to use self storage services.

Adobe XD Adobe Illustrator Elementor WordPress SSOB-custom
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Tipsnaps Premium Content Platform (Rebrand)

  • Client Tipsnaps LLC
  • country United States of America
  • Published 2021

Tipsnaps rebrand was aimed at having a social media marketplace where anyone with a following can directly monetize their fanbase and can share and sell exclusive content to their Loyal fans. The product design centered around visual appeal as well as functionality.

Adobe XD Figma Adobe Illustrator Kendo
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Casaforte: Self Storage a Milano e Roma

  • Client Casaforte
  • country Italy
  • Published February, 2021

Taking the role of the lead Product Designer and frontend developer, Casaforte was build with the future in mind. This build was interface with a neuro-marketing company based in Italy for the purpose of coming up with a design that outweighs the competition and brings home the essence of simplicty and premium self storage solution.

Adobe XD Adobe Illustrator Elementor WordPress SSOB-custom
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Guess What

& Many More...

StorMe Redditch Self Storage

Product Design & Frontend Development Lead (Consultant)

King of Cute Babies: E-commerce for Babies Cloths

Product Design & Frontend Development Lead (Consultant)

Navisen: IDX Real Estate

Product Design (Consultant)

Clover Four

Product Design (Consultant)

Reclaim Lost Assets

Product Design & Frontend Development Lead (Consultant)

Enable You Australia

Frontend Development (Consultant)


Product Design & Frontend Development Lead (Consultant)

One Accord Services LLC - Building Better Community

Product Design & Frontend Development Lead (Consultant)

Self Storage Management - Engage Management Services

Product Design (Consultant)

Nigeria International Maritime Summit

Product Design & Frontend Development Lead (Consultant)

MegaStorage UK

Product Design & Frontend Development Lead (Consultant)

Mevsher: Healing, Empowering and Restoring

Product Design & Frontend Development Lead (Consultant)

Jamil Carman: AutoResources In Merced

Product Design (Consultant)

Trendex Sports: Indias Bike Sports Gear Website

Product Design & Frontend Development Lead (Consultant)

TwinsPowersInc: US Teen Twin footballers

Product Design & Frontend Development Lead (Consultant) Kunden App

Product Design Lead (Consultant) Admin Dashboard

Product Design Lead (Consultant)

Lock & Stock

Product Design & Frontend Development Lead (Consultant)

Savemyfans: Keeping followers

Product Design Lead (Consultant)

Pup Cutz N Colorz - Grooming, Dye, And So Much More

Product Design & Frontend Development Lead (Consultant)

Oil Trading and Logistics

Product Design & Frontend Development Lead (Consultant)

and plenty more on NDA..

Happy Clients, Happy Life.

I’ve worked for a lot of big-name companies, both at agencies and as a freelancer. A lot of it is under NDA or just plain old, but that won’t stop me from dropping some names to imply that I’m kind of a big deal.


MBC, Europe


OTL Africa, Lagos


TipSnaps, USA



"He is a great designer - he is able to navigate effortlessly between product thinking and pixel-level attention to detail. Great communication skills and timely delivery. We had a very positive experience on a very challenging deliverable."

"If you’re looking for an exceptional product designer, I highly recommend reaching out to Chimdi. He’s been a great extension of our team, and has already delivered a ton of great ideas and concepts in a short amount of time. He’s hardworking, creative, and most importantly a joy to work with."

"Great designer with very intuitive concepts everytime. Patient enought to work with you through reviews and well knowledged to contribute creatively to any project."

"He is skilled in bringing ideas to live. A professional service provider. It was a great time working with you on my project"

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